• The No Pancake Serve Hat and Racquet Reflector can be used along with your Beep Coach to give auditory feedback to prevent the most common error in tennis. Keeping the palm down and letting the racquet pass over your head is a particularly hard problem to solve as not only is it counter intuitive but it's also not in your field of vision when trying to hit serves. With the No Pancakes Serve Hat and Racquet Reflector you can be sure you are achieving this vital piece to a powerful and consistent serve.

  • There are certain aspects to great players that are unique. Having the racquet pass over your head in a “hair brushing” or “saluting position” is NOT one of them. Every great serve wether on tour or at your local club utilizes this palm down motion. The key position and motion are critical for allowing body segments to properly load for power and also to get you one step closer to leading into the ball with the edge of the racquet a piece of the serve that allows for spin. Spin is the major driving factor to having a consistent serve that still has pace.


  • Our How To Beep library contains instructional videos that teach ALL the fundamentals involved in an effective tennis serve and so much more.

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